Dachshund Dog Infinity Car Sticker

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Seller tips:

-- If there is any question, please feel free to contact us.

For example:Did not receive the order, the sticker got damaged, or cannot be pasted...

-- Sincere communication can solve all problems, but negative feedback will not help.

-- Always check your size and color preferences before making the order.

-- If you want to order multiple stickers, please use the shopping cart. Can help you save freight.

-- If you are a wholesaler, welcome to negotiate the price.


Die cut vinyl decals / car stickers made with premium Vinyl

-- Easy application. It is self-adhesive and does not fade or get up.

-- Sticks to any smooth surface: laptops, walls, cars, Windows, bumpers, guitar, iPad, iPhone, refrigerator.


Size & Color

--  If you need a specific size just let us know.

-- Images can be reversed upon request. You can send a message for inside pasting (reverse printing).

-- If you have a specific image you would like done, please feel free to send me a message.

-- Colors may vary slightly from pictured.

-- The color you choose will be the color of the actual vinyl sticker.

-- There will be no background, the background becomes whatever you stick it to.


Vinyl sticker consists of three functional layers:

1. The top layer is a mounting film (transparent transfer tape), it has a weak adhesive layer facing the sticker and is designed to transfer it to any smooth surface.

2. The middle layer is the vinyl sticker itself.

3. The lowest layer is a siliconized paper/transparent film backing that protects the adhesive layer of the sticker from contamination and damage.


Application Instructions:

----Step 1: Clean surface.

----Step 2: Prepare the decal.

With the design facing down, slowly peel off backing. IF the decal sticks to the surface of the backing, stop and roll it back a little and try again.

----Step 3: Apply the decal.

Carefully place your design onto the desired location with the sticky side of the transfer tape and the design facing your destination. You can gently rub out any imperfections or bubbles using a credit card. (The more you get the design to stick, the easier it will be to remove the transfer tape).

----Step 4: Remove your transfer tape.

Very slowly, remove the transfer tape from the surface. DO NOT RUSH. As you remove the backing, the decal should stick to the surface.






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